La Isla Bonita, La Palma

La Palma is the fifth largest of the Canary Islands and one of the steepest in the world: with a surface area of 728 m², it rises from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean at about 4,000 meters depth to the top at 2,426 meters above sea level. With its steep shores and beaches with black sand, La Palma could never obtain the reputation of an island for merely bathing on crowded beach resorts.

Due to these lucky facts, the island has kept its original and untouched character like no other island around and is called “La Isla Bonita” (the beautiful island). La Palma received the middle name “Isla Verde” or green island thanks to its lush vegetation. Here, raw plants are growing which were already extinct in Europe millions of years ago.

The island offers excellent opportunities for diving, paragliding, mountain biking and hiking. In particular, hikers discovered the extensive network of trails for themselves.