Wide look of; Propeller Planes,

Propeller Planes

Airplane with propeller, Wide look of; Propeller Planes

We can say that the use of aircraft started with a propeller in the history of aviation. Propeller planes, which were originally produced for personal use, agricultural works and mail distribution, have been used for cargo, passenger transportation and military purposes, as their size has grown over time. We can give models such as Boeing Stearman PT-17, Huff-Daland Duster, Stearman C3B, Travel Air 4000 as examples of small size and propeller models.

These planes, or some more advanced ones, were being used for training and survey.

Until the 1930s, Stinson A and Stinson T, Travel Air S-6000-B, Lockheed 5C Vega, Lockheed 8A Sirius and Lockheed 10 Electra models could be considered as examples. In the 1940s, the famous Douglas models DC-3, DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7 carried the aviation industry to a different point. Again, Convair 340 and Convair 440 for this period and Lockheed Constellation and Curtiss C-46 models in future years were always propeller aircraft.

For the 1960s and 70s, we can say Fairchild-Hiller FH-227B and Lockheed L-100 models in the Turbo Props category.

Propeller aircraft did not remain on the pages of history. Existence of civilian usage requests, especially for short-haul, regional flights or destinations with few passengers in the 80s and later, has led companies to produce propellers or turbo props models. Cargo and military use demands of propeller aircraft continued as in previous years./p>

Let's look at some of the propeller aircraft brands and models that are still known today or continue to fly in the sky.

Airplane with propeller


One of the Propeller aircrafts ATR 72-600 entered commercial passenger transportation services in 2011. We collected information about ATR 72-600 cabin, ATR 72-600 cockpit view, ATR 72-600 seating view and seating map. ATR 72-600 generally uses for regional flights.


Swedish airplane manufacturer Saab has produced many model airplanes. Saab's propeller models Saab 340, (Saab 340 A, Saab 340 B) and Saab 2000. The Swedish manufacturer has produced different types of fighter jets. In terms of civil aviation, Saab's most known and produced model was Saab 340. This model is produced in two versions that differ in passenger capacity; 340 a AND 340 b.


Fokker 50, this model is a propeller model. The Dutch manufacturer's fokker 50 is different from the other known models, the fokker 70 and the fokker 100. This model, Fokker 50 is a model produced with propellers. Fokker 50 is a model used for military and civilian purposes. Fokker 50 is still used by some airlines today. The best known feature is that it can easily land on short-distance or distorted runways and can get off these runways.

Airplane with propeller

Dornier 228

Dornier aircrafts; espacially Dornier 228 is a propeller and the other model Dornier 328 has two versions, jet engines and turbo prop. We also detailed the story of claude dornier who produced dornier aircrafts.

Short Brothers

Short planes or the Short Brothers, Short 360 is a propeller plane. airplane with propeller short's passenger capacity is from 30 up to 39 passengers. Short airplane Company was founded in London in 1908. The company name was taken from the founders, the Short Brothers.

Bombardier Q 400

Watch Short 360 Take off