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Propeller Planes

Airplane with propeller, Wide look of; Propeller Planes


One of the Propeller aircrafts ATR 72-600 entered commercial passenger transportation services in 2011. We collected information about ATR 72-600 cabin, ATR 72-600 cockpit view, ATR 72-600 seating view and seating map. ATR 72-600 generally uses for regional flights.


Dornier aircrafts espacially Dornier 228 and Dornier 328 are propeller aircrafts. We deatiled the story of claude dornier who produced dornier aircrafts.

Short Brothers

Short planes or the Short Brothers , Short 360 is a propeller plane. airplane with propeller short's passenger capacity is from 30 up to 39 passengers. Short airplane Company was founded in London in 1908. The company name was taken from the founders, the Short Brothers.

Airplane with propeller


Swedish airplane manufacturer Saab has produced many model airplanes since 1937. Saab MODELS; Saab 340, Saab 340 A, Saab 340 B and Saab 2000 are planes with propellers.