E 190

Embraer Regional Jet; How many passengers can an ERJ 190 carry? ERJ 190 has a maximum capacity of 110 passengers. The Embraer 190 is a narrow-body, twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company. The aircraft is a low wing design with engines mounted below the wings. The wings of the Embraer 190 are fitted with winglets, which reduces the drag and provides increased lift and improved efficiency. Length; 38.7m. Wingspan; 28.7m. Height; 10.28m. Engines; 2× General Electric CF34-10E turbofans. Maximum speed; 890km/h. Range; 3,334km.

Embraer Aircrafts, E-jet Series Embraer 170, (E 170) Embraer 190 (E 190) and others

Do you know Embraer or Erj aircrafts is brazilian made. Embraer means nothing to you but certainly you have flown on board of this E-jet. Many European Airlines use embraer aircrafts. Lets find out this Embraer aircrafts. Embraer consist of four models-the smaller Embraer 170 or E-170 and E-175 ( 70 to 88 seats ) and the bigger Embraer 190 or E-190 and E-195 ( 94 to 122 seats ).

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Taiwan airlines; China Airlines, of course is the largest airline in Taiwan. China Airlines is the flag carrier and the leading airline of Taiwan. Eva airways is another Taiwan airline, V Air is a Taiwanese low-cost airline companies in Taiwan. There are many different airline companies in Taiwan. Find out Taiwan airlines. We have 4 Taiwan airlines in our list. You can find brief information about Taiwan airlines, You can see logos of Taiwan airlines and you can go Taiwan airlines' websites via our internal links. Here is the list of Taiwan airlines; EVA Airways, China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, V Air, Taiwan Airline Companies. list of taiwan airlines.

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Moldova Airlines; Air Moldova, of course is the leading and important airline in Moldova. The state air company Air Moldova was founded in January 12, 1993. Air Moldova is the flag carrier airlines of Moldova. Air Moldova is one of the most wide recognized brands in Moldova. Air Moldova has 7 number aircrafts. 2 aircrafts of Airbus A320, 2 aircrafts of Airbus A319, 3 aircrafts of Embraer 190. Moldova Airlines; Moldavian Airlines is a regional airline in Moldova. Moldova Airlines; There are 3 airline companies in Moldova, Air Moldova, FlyOne and Moldavian Airlines. FlyOne is a low-cost airlines in Moldova.

Embraer Aircrafts, Erj, Embraer Regional Jet and Embraer E Jet;

You can find embraer (erj) aircrafts models in this page, you can see embraer aircrafts' technical detail and pictures of this aircrafts. We collected information about embraer aircrafts. Here the results; Embraer regional models; Embraer, Erj-135 the smallest model of embraer regional aircrats, ERJ-135 has 37 seating capacity. Embrarer, Erj-140 and Erj-145 this model is a bit bigger than Erj-135 models, Erj-140 and Erj-145 models have 40-50 seating capacity. Embraer E-Jet family models or bigger models, E-170, E-175, E-190 and E-195.