Embraer 170, ERJ-170, Embraer Ejet Series E-170


ERJ 170

ERJ 170 is a twin-engined regional airplane.

The EMBRAER 170 or ERJ 170 is the smallest part of the EMBRAER E-Jet family with a capacity of 70 passengers produced by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer


There are many ways to refer to the Embraer 170 aircraft; erj 170, embraer e170 or e 170 aircraft. Regardless of what or how it is meant, the Embraer 170 is a regional passenger transport aircraft with 2 jet engines, which is preferred by many airlines in the world.

EMBRAER 170, the Brazilian

Brazilian Embraer 170 with 70 passenger seating capacity is an ideal aircraft for domestic or short-distance flights.

Embraer 170 is a two-engine narrow-body jet from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

EMBRAER 170, ERJ 170 specifications; Manufacturing country: Brazil Seating capacity: 70 seats Crew: 2 pilots Cruise speed: 870 km/h

Embraer 170

Brazilian Embraer 170 or Embraer 170 or Erj 170 made its first Test Flight February 19th, 2002

Embraer 170 has a suitable fuselage for allowing for a quick change between passenger seats configuration.

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