Edge-540 Red Bull Aerobatic Aircraft, Red Bull Plane

EDGE 540 Red Bull Aerobatic Aircraft

The EDGE 540 aircraft is an advanced aerobatic aircraft. The Edge 540 manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics. The company was founded in 1987 at oklahoma city,usa. the power plant of edge 540, producing 340 horsepower.

there are two versions of edge 540; edge 540 and edge 540-T. 540-T is a two seat version but the edge 540 is the most common aircraft used in red bull air race.

The Edge 540

EDGE 540 Aerobatic Aircraft The Edge 540 is an experimental single engine, single place, aerobatic airplane.

Edge 540 has exceptional aerobatic performance and is ideal for use in competition aerobatics and airshow displays.

The Edge 540 manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics.

EDGE 540 Aerobatic Aircraft

Length: 20ft 7” Height: 7ft 9” Wing Span: 24ft 4”