The Dornier 228, DO228, Dornier Airplanes

The Dornier 228


The Dornier 228 is a with 19 seat capacity, twin-engine turbo-propeller airplane.

Dornier 228 is capable of transport 19 passengers or various cargo, Dornier 228 is capable of take-off or landing on short or different rough runways.

German Dornier 228

The Dornier 228 is can be used in a variety of applications and configurations including special use/missions, air ambulance atc.

The Dornier 228 is renowned for its versatility, low operational costs, and reliability.

Dornier 228 specifications; Manufacturing country: Germany Seating capacity: 19 seats Crew: 2 pilots Cruise speed: 371 km/h Wingspan: 16.97 m Length: 16.56 m Height: 4.86 m

Dornier 228

Dornier 228 airplane can be configured either in full passenger configuration or freight. Normally The Dornier 228 is a passenger airplane with propeller.

The Dornier 228 has a suitable fuselage for allowing for a quick change between passenger, cargo or combined cabin configuration. The Dornier 228 is a suitable airplane for military actions.

If you want to know Claude Dornier who designer Dornier Airplanes.