Antonov 225 Biggest Plane, Biggest Cargo Plane in the world


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Biggest Cargo Plane; Antonov-225 The An-225

Antonov-225 was entered commercial service in 2001 by Antonov Airlines, Ukraine’s national cargo airline. Antonov-225 -the unique– the world’s biggest and heaviest airplane. AN-225 has a name of Mriya means ‘Dream’ in Ukrainian.

Antonov-225 or the AN-225 Mriya is the biggest airplane currently in service. If you want to see the biggest airplanes you can look this article about the world's biggest airplanes.

One plane and World Record

Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225

These days, there is only one plane in the sky. AN-225, the world's largest aircraft, or, in a more meaningful way, the largest cargo aircraft in the world, continues to carry cargo with record records all over the world with just one aircraft. There are no alternatives or substitutes right now, one airplane, one record.

Antonov-225, The AN-225, Biggest Plane

The AN-225 is the holder of two Guinness World Records: the aircraft (Antonov-225) with the heaviest take-off weight; and the largest wingspan of any aircraft currently flying. This aircraft, which has a record with its huge size, has a very important role in airline cargo transportation with its large industrial products or cargo capacity.

How big is the Antonov-225 ?

Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225
Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225

The AN-225 (Antonov-225) 'Mriya', a six-engine aircraft designed on basis of the AN-124 'Ruslan', is a truly unique aircraft. This aircraft, produced on the basis of the Antonov An-124 model, is much larger than the AN-124 on which it is based as a Model. The AN-124 has four engines, while the AN-225 is produced as a gigantic aircraft with 6 engines. The AN-225 has become a more functional aircraft with its rear door In addition to the nose door. There is nothing that cannot be carried with the AN-225, the size of which is convenient thanks to the ramped back door.

Antonov-225, Biggest Cargo Plane

The AN-225 (Antonov-225) was originally developed to transport space shuttle in the Soviet Union. Antonov-225 made its first flight on December 21, 1988.

Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225

There are a total of 32 tires, 4 of which are at the front and 28 are under the main body. However, the AN-225 is even heavier than the double-decker "world's largest passenger plane" Airbus A380. AN-225 is a private airline company in the Antonov Airlines fleet and is operated by this company. With a length of up to 84 meters, a range of 15,400 km, a maximum speed of around 800 km per hour, this aircraft is used for civil or military cargo transportation by rental.

The AN-225 ranks first on the list of the largest aircraft in the world. Numbers and facts keep him at the top of this list. Besides all these, the fact that AN-225 does not have one more sample, but only one, is a striking and admirable point. This giant aircraft, produced for the Soviet space program before the Soviet Union dissolved, is used today for the transportation of different equipment from one place to another in the service of all humanity.
Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225

With its length, wingspan, weight, number of engines, number of tires, carrying capacity and almost all features, AN-225 is a unique aircraft. What do we think about the disadvantage of such a size? Due to these sizes, Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov AN-225 cannot land at any airport, you do not have the chance to see it at all airports, only large and convenient airports can host this huge aircraft.

Here are some "est" from Antonov AN-225;

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Biggest Cargo Plane Antonov-225

Antonov-225; Powered by six turbofan engines, this legendary aircraft (Antonov-225) has a maximum take-off weight of 640.000 kg.

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