Air Canada

canada-flag Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada. The airline, founded in 1937. Air Canada flies to 21 domestic destinations and 81 international destinations.

Canadian Airlines [ List of Canadian Airlines, Airlines in Canada ]

Canada Airlines List; We have 16 Airlines in our list. Canada has a few important low-cost airlines. Sunwing Airlines is the most important low-cost airline in Canada. Westjest is another Canadian low-cost airline company. Air Canada, of course, is the leading airline company in Canada but there are many different airline companies in Canada. Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline in Canada. Porter Airlines, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Calm Air, Air Labrador, Jazz Airlines are some regional airline companies in Canada. Due to its physical structure and developed industry, Canada has more airline companies than any comparable country. There are many large and small companies in the aviation sector in Canada.