Short Brothers

Short Brothers

Short model airplane is made in Ireland. Short planes, are used in regional flights.

This model of aircraft cargo plane has been prevalent in the use.

Company was founded in London in 1908. The company name was taken from the founders, the Short Brothers. The Firm also has the title of the first company which established for the production of aircraft in the world. Britain's first aircraft manufacturers, Horace, Eustace and Oswald Short achieved many firsts in aeronautics.

They designed and built the first British-powered aircraft. in October 1909 after Short No. 2's successful flights the UK's aircraft industry may be dated from this point.

Seaplane (H1)

In the years before the First World War the Royal Navy was a major buyer of Short aircraft. the first aeroplanes bought for the Royal Navy were Short built (1911) and the first aircraft to take off from a ship of the Royal Navy was also a Short (1912). The Royal Navy's first seaplane (H1) was also delivered by the company in 1912. Short aircraft gave distinguished service in the First World War.

The Short brothers went on to become a world-famous name in aviation. During the Second World War they built the Sunderland flying boat and the Stirling bomber. The firm was acquired by the Canadian company Bombardier in 1989.

Short Models

Short series models in use; Short 360-100/ 360-200/ 360-300

Passenger capacity of this Short Model planes ranges from 30 to 39 passengers.