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Moldavian-Saab-2000 Model
Aircraft Model; Moldavian / Saab 2000

Saab Aircraft, Saab Models

Swedish Aircraft Company

Swedish Saab Aircraft Company founded in 1937. Since 1937, Swedish Manufacturer Saab has produced many model aircrafts. Some of these aircrafts models still in use today; Saab 340, [340A / 340B] and Saab 2000. These models are nearly the same models. These Saab models are Twin-engines turboprop aircrafts. The biggest difference between these Saab models is the length of aircraft body structures. Passenger capacities vary depending on the length of the aircraft body. The Saab 340 A version has a maximum capacity of 32 passengers, while the Saab 340 B version has a maximum capacity of 34 passengers. The Saab 2000 model, which has a longer body, has a maximum capacity of 50 passengers. These models of Saab planes are generally used in short-distance passenger transport operations by airline companies that carry regional passenger transport. Combined with a small number of passengers and short-distance destinations, these types of short planes offer the most affordable seat cost.
SOL-Airlines-Saab-340A Model

Aircraft Model; SOL / Saab 340 A

Aircraft Model; Darwin Air / Saab 2000

In 2005, SAAB stopped civil aircraft production.

Aircraft Model; Estonian Airlines / Saab 340 B

Generally, Saab-340 B models with 34 seats passengers capacity are used by Airlines for to reduce per seat costs.

Watch Saab 340 Takeoff

Aircraft Model; Flybe / Saab 340 B

The SAAB company's aircrafts are typically used in regional flight operations and short-haul flights. SAAB 340 B is the most preferred model of Saab aircraft by airline companies. Saab 340, Saab's most popular model was produced from 1983 to 1999. Saab 340 made its first commercial flight in 1984. Saab 340 is still used by many airlines in passenger or cargo transportation.

Here are, some operators of SAAB 340;

Australian domestic operator Regional Express Airlines uses Saab 340 B, Canadian WestJet Airlines uses Saab 340 B, Japan Airlines JAL uses Saab 340 B, Russian Polet Airlines uses Saab 340 B. Scotland Loganair Limited uses Saab 340, Alaskanian Ryan Air uses cargo version of Saab 340 aircraft, Caribbean Seaborne Airlines uses Saab340 B for passenger transportation, Cayman Islands’s National Flag Carrier, Cayman Airways uses Saab 340 B, U.S. airline Silver Airways uses Saab 340, British Columbian airlines Pacific Coastal Airlines use Saab 340, Polish SprintAir uses cargo and passenger versions of Saab 340, the Cook Islands' airlines Air Rarotonga uses Saab 340.

Saab models currently in use; Saab 340 A, Saab 340 B, Saab 2000.

Aircraft Model; Aerolitoral / Saab 340 B

All these models of Swedish Saab are two-engine turboprop aircrafts. Saab's Aircrafts are propeller aircrafts. Saab company has become a company that produces aircraft as well as many other production branches. It started its aviation business in the 1930s with the aim of producing fighter aircraft. Over time, it continued to produce aircraft for regional civil passenger transportation. The Saab 340 was produced for this purpose and became the most successful model known. Saab 340 was the most produced model among civilian purpose models. The firm, which is very successful in its production for military purposes, has not been successful in its production for civil aviation except Saab 340 models. After the Saab 340, a propeller aircraft, the Saab was produced in 2000.


Aircraft Model; Q Star / Saab 340 A

Saab 340A ;24 up to 32 seat capacity.

Saab 340B ;30 up to 34 seat capacity.


Aircraft Model; Nok Air / Saab 340 B

Specifications of Saab 340;

The seat arrangement is 2 + 1

The aircraft's length; 19.73 m

2 turboprop engines.

Maximum speed: 502 km / h

Range: 1,732 km

During the production of the Saab 340 model, we should not forget the partnership agreement between Saab and Fairchild Aircraft.

Aircraft Model; Blue 1 / Saab 2000

Saab 2000

Saab 2000; A maximum of 50 passenger capacity.

Saab 2000 model, on the other hand, is not a very successful model compared to its competitors (Bombardier CRJ, Embraer ERJ Series) with more passenger capacity of the same size. Their competitors prevented the Saab 2000 model with the advantage of better performance and cost. Production of the Saab 2000 model remained very limited and did not reach 3-digit numbers.

Aircraft Model; OLT / Saab 2000