Saab, Saab Planes [Saab Aircrafts] SAAB 340, SAAB 2000, SAAB 340A, SAAB 340B

Moldavian Saab 2000

Saab AB

Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget

Saab Aircraft Swedish company, founded in 1937, is a Swedish aerospace and defense industry companies.

Swedish airplane manufacturer Saab has produced many model airplanes since its inception in 1937. Some of the aircraft models still in use today; the Saab 340A with a minimum capacity of 24 and a maximum of 32 passengers, the Saab 340B with a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 34 seats, and the Saab 2000 with a maximum capacity of 50 passengers. Saab 340a, Saab 340b and Saab 2000 are used by several small regional airlines over very short distances.

SOL Saab-340A
Darwin Air Saab-2000

The company in 2005 brought an end to civil aircraft production.

Estonia Saab-340B
Flybe Saab-340B

The company's aircraft are typically used in regional and short-haul flights.

Saab models currently in use; Saab 340A, Saab-340B, Saab-2000

Aerolitoral Saab-340B
QStar Saab-340A

Saab 340A

Saab 340B

Saab 340A; minimum 24, maximum 32 passengers.

Saab 340B; minimum 30, maximum 34 passengers.

Nok Air-Saab-340B
Blue1 Saab-2000

Saab 2000

Saab 2000; A maximum of 50 passenger capacity.

OLT Saab-2000