ERJ 135

Embraer Regional Jet; How many passengers can an ERJ 135 carry? ERJ 135 has a maximum capacity of 37 passengers.

Embraer Aircrafts, Erj, Embraer Regional Jet and Embraer E Jet;

You can find embraer (erj) aircrafts models in this page, you can see embraer aircrafts' technical detail and pictures of this aircrafts. We collected information about embraer aircrafts. Here the results; Embraer regional models; Embraer, Erj-135 the smallest model of embraer aircrats, ERJ-135 has 37-40 seating capacity. Embrarer, Erj-140 and Erj-145 this model is a bit bigger than E-135 models, E-140 and E-145 models have 40-50 seating capacity. Embraer E-Jet family models or bigger models, Erj 170, Erj 175, Erj 190 and Erj 195.