Actually, even if the name Embraer means nothing to you, you are likely to have flown at least once with one of these widely talked about E-jet, the client list contains the names of most every large European Airline company. The aircraft manufacturing industry is a conservative and very closed club that it is easy to drop out of, but very difficult to enter. In fact, in the last 50 years, Embraer has been the only company to manage to enter it and make its way right to the very top.

Embraer Aircrafts, E-jet Series Embraer 170, Embraer 190 and others

Do you know Embraer or Erj aircrafts is brazilian made. Embraer means nothing to you but certainly you have flown on board of this E-jet. Many European Airlines use embraer aircrafts. Lets find out this Embraer aircrafts. Embraer consist of four models-the smaller Embraer 170 0r Erj-170 and Erj-175 ( 70 to 88 seats ) and the bigger Embraer 190 or Erj-190 and Erj-195 ( 94 to 122 seats ).

Embraer Aircrafts, Erj, Embraer Regional Jet and Embraer E Jet;

You can find embraer (erj) aircrafts models in this page, you can see embraer aircrafts' technical detail and pictures of this aircrafts. We collected information about embraer aircrafts. Here the results; Embraer regional models; Embraer, Erj-135 the smallest model of embraer aircrats, ERJ-135 has 37-40 seating capacity. Embrarer, Erj-140 and Erj-145 this model is a bit bigger than E-135 models, E-140 and E-145 models have 40-50 seating capacity. Embraer E-Jet family models or bigger models, Erj 170, Erj 175, Erj 190 and Erj 195.