Bombardier Crj [ List of Crj's Models ]



These Crj aircrafts, are often used in short-haul destinations, are produced by the Canadian company Bombardier.

Bombardier Crj series models in use; Bombardier Crj-100, Bombardier Crj-200, Bombardier Crj-700, Bombardier Crj-750, Bombardier Crj-900, Bombardier Crj-1000


Bombardier Crj-100, Bombardier Crj-200

Bombardier Crj-100 / Crj-200 models up to 50 passengers. Both the Bombardier CRJ100 and the Bombardier CRJ200 belong in the regional passenger jet category. The CRJ100 is the original version, while the CRJ200 variant is identical to its predecessor except for being fitted with more efficient engines. Both types are based on the Bombardier Challenger 600 series business jet, whose predecessor was the Canadair Challenger, the concept for which Canadair purchased from American business jet manufacturer Learjet in 1976. The first of three CRJ100 development aircraft completed its maiden flight on 10 May 1991.


The type obtained certification in late 1992, when deliveries of aircraft to customers also began. The first customer to receive a CRJ100 was the German airline Lufthansa.

CRJ100/200; this aircraft is nevertheless small. It is 26.77 metres long, has a wingspan of 21.21 metres and a height of 6.22 metres. It is, however, its economy of operation that places it on a par with larger aircraft. Its average speed is 820km/h and average fuel consumption at this speed is 1000 kg/h. The comfortably designed passenger cabin can seat 48 or 50 passengers. During the flight, passengers sit comfortably in soft, ergonomically designed seats arranged in pairs on either side of a 40 cm aisle.

Bombardier Crj-700 / Crj-705 / Crj-900/1000, these models are minimum 70, maximum 100 passengers.


Bombardier Crj-1000

The latest plane in the Crj family is the Crj-1000, this series features updated onboard systems and electronics, which help place it in the category of Next Generation aircraft.



Bombardier began producing NextGen versions of its 700 and 900 series. Currently, except the Crj-100 and Crj-200 series, other models are still in production.