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Propellers are still fashionable ATR 42, ATR 72

The ATR 42 and ATR 72 continue to be manufactured and successfully sold throughout the world. About 200 airline companies across the world use the type. Along with the success of the ATR 42, the company received enquiries about the possibility of creating a somewhat bigger aircraft with the same excellent properties. Thus, ATR 72 continue to be manufactured and successfully sold throughout the world. the 42-500, 72-500 model was put into production, featuring more powerful, quieter and economical engines, improved electronics and added passenger comfort. The venture became known as ATR. ATR launched the design of a small passenger plane powered by two turboprop engines. The machine became known as the ATR 42 and conducted its maiden flight on 16 August 1984. on 27 October 1988, a 4.5 m (14.7 ft) longer ATR 72 (the figure once again standing for seating capacity) made its maiden flight.