Airbus 321 New Engine Option (NEO)


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Airbus A321-NEO

The Airbus 321 Neo, is able to reduce the carbon footprint of each passenger by around 50% when compared with the performance of alternative planes. This conveys an idea about the efficiency levels attained by its motors.

Another important features that influences the low fuel consumption rates of these planes are the sharklets on the tips of the wings, devices that bring about significant improvements to the aerodynamic performance. In comparison with other planes, this model guarantees substantial reductions in the cost per flight, varying between 8% and 21% and alongside low fuel consumption per flight with improvements of between 16% and 21% in terms of the CO2 per kilometre per passenger.

The Airbus 321 Neo (New Engine Option) has a range of 3,650 nautical miles (6,760 km), and is the only commercial plane with a straight fuselage that currently enables the capacity to transport over 220 passengers.