Boeing 787 Dreamliner

everything you could ever need to know about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Length: 57m

Wing span: 60m


Maximum number of passengers; 300 Its cruising speed-or 903KPH Maximum weight at take-off; 227,900KG

Where the parts of Boeing 787 Dreamliner are from...

JAPAN 1 Wing boxes 2 Fixed trailing edges 3 Mid-fuselage section
ITALY 4 Mid-fuselage sections 5 Horizontal stabilisers
SOUTH KOREA 6 Wing tips 7 Tail cone
CHINA 8 Tail rudder 9 Tail leading edge
CANADA 10 Landing-gear doors
USA 11 Nose cone 12 Rear fuselage 13 Vertical fin
SWEDEN 14 Cargo doors
FRANCE 15 Passenger doors 16 Landing-gear parts

How Far Does It go?

Boeing 737-700: 6,370km (Oslo to New York) Boeing 747-400ER: 14,297km Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner: 15,200km (London to Perth)

What it’s like on the inside

The largest windows on any commercial aircraft, with electronic dimmer switches

LED mood lighting, with a range of colours

HEPA filters remove airborne particles

Humidity is 15% in the cabin, compared to 4% on previous aircraft

Inflight entertainment system uses iPadlike touchscreens


Five cool things about the dreamliner

1) It can order its own parts
2) It can automatically adjust to combat turbulence
3) It will self-correct if it’s in distress
4) It’s expected to connect 450 city pairs
5) Cray supercomputers spent 800,000 processing hours on the 787’s design

$206.8 million THE 787-8 DREAMLINER (MID-SIZED) COSTS