The biggest passenger plane in the world; Airbus A380-800

Biggest passenger plane in the world; Airbus A380-800

Airbus A380-800


The biggest airbus; A380, the airbus A380 is the biggest passanger plane, in height, width, wingspan, capacity, weight and power. Bigggest or largest passenger airplane airbus a380-800 offer 575 seating capacity. The Airbus A380 is a large aircraft in size, so the A380 cannot land at any airport. A380 is an airplane that is not easy to keep in the fleet, although it offers a large number of passenger capacity.

is there a double decker plane in the world? Yes, theres is a double decker airplane in the world. Airbus A380-800 is a double decker airplane :)

Largest passenger aircraft

The biggest airbus

The Airbus A380 uses on some of the longest non-stop flights on the world. The Airbus A380 made its first commercial flight on 25th October 2007. The Airbus A380 is manufactured by the european company Airbus. The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, with four engines airplane. The Airbus A380 is currently the biggest passenger airplane in the world.
This aircraft, which has high usage costs, operates in the fleet of major airlines in the world. Here are the companies that use a380; Air France, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways International.